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Restaurant Review: Burger Boss

This review was originally posted on UCR Highlander:


To the lovers of burgers and mother nature: a restaurant serving delicious and eco-friendly options has come to Riverside. Burger Boss, which opened in the spring of last year, has a sophisticated, modern feel. Its silver and green interior gives off vibes of both cleanliness and nature-consciousness. Even on a Thursday afternoon, the small burger joint was packed with eager customers. The motto of Burger Boss is BYOB—Build Your Own Burger.

The first step is to choose the meat, or as they call it, “Your Protein.” Not only do customers have the option of all-natural 100 percent Angus chuck beef grilled to a perfect medium-rare, but they can also choose from chicken breast, turkey breast filet or even a vegetarian alternative of black beans. The second step is to choose between a white Kaiser or wheat grain bun, both of which are fresh and soft—very unlike the stale and papery buns often served in fast-food restaurants. The third step is to choose the cheese, which ranges from the typical yellow American cheese to a savory smoked gouda. The fourth step is to choose from a diverse concoction of sauces that can be combined. Some examples include garlic herb mayonnaise, chipotle barbecue, honey Dijon and Cajun buffalo. At no charge, Burger Boss also offers everything from lettuce and tomatoes to green olives and grilled mushrooms. The fifth step ensures for a very juicy burger soaked in a wide variety of sauces and broths from grilled onions, jalapenos or mushrooms. The olives, to my pleasant surprise, were actually fresh and not canned.


The appearance and taste of the salty green olives were refreshingly tasty, and unlike the canned, bland and watery black olives that are typically served on pizzas. The beef was high quality, fresh and well seasoned. Because of its medium-rare texture, the beef was soft and seemed to melt in my mouth. The chicken filet was also delicious, well seasoned, tender and clearly cooked well. To go with the delicious sandwiches were America’s favorite fountain drinks and some of the best shakes I’ve ever had—Burger Boss features shakes with flavors such as caramel and strawberry. The the warmth of the caramel shake’s heavenly burnt butterscotch taste combined with the shake’s cool temperature made for a delicious beverage.


Burger Boss even offers a kids menu featuring mini burgers, hot dogs and grilled-cheese sandwiches. A flat screen on one wall broadcasted actual television shows instead of self-promoting advertisements. Alternative rock music played in the background while friendly and attentive staff and chefs interacted with customers, creating a soothing, fun and trendy atmosphere.


The most enticing aspect of Burger Boss was the fresh, organic and locally grown ingredients. Because Burger Boss holds itself to such a high standard of quality, it is pricier than other burger joints, such as In-N-Out Burger. For a 3 oz beef burger at Burger Boss with no cheese, customers can expect to spend a little under $4. A chicken filet burger with cheese and premium toppings such as bacon, avocado, or grilled pineapple can cost over $7. The shakes, which I immediately became a huge fan of, are $3.49 each. Although not extremely expensive, college students probably prefer to save money by visiting one of the many the chain fast-food restaurants scattered around campus. But for those who want to treat themselves to something special and healthy, Burger Boss is a great restaurant to try.

Burger Boss – Moreno Valley/Riverside

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If you want a high quality burger and fries made from fresh, local and “green” ingredients, check out Burger Boss, hidden near the 60/215 interchange in Moreno Valley / Riverside.

The story behind Burger Boss began not long ago when Mo, the owner, moved to Moreno Valley to be closer with his sister, a MoVal local of 25 years. It was then that he set on his quest to develop the perfect burger, which he explains can only be produced through the best ingredients right here from California. In May 2011, Mo served up the first burger at Burger Boss, just a few hundred yards from Wal-Mart, Best Buy, Hooters and many other Moreno Valley and Riverside businesses on Canyon Springs Pkwy.


Burger Boss FriesJust 6 months later, Burger Boss has racked up 42 reviews and counting on Yelp! averaging 4 out of 5 stars. With this popularity, Mo was not surprised that this burger joint was packed on a Saturday at 4:30 p.m. Even “We Be Trippin’,” an I.E. based foodie blog, ranked them as one of the best Burgers in Southern California (we’ve also ranked them as one of the best burgers in the Inland Empire). Some of the most popular toppings include grilled onions, grilled mushrooms and grilled jalapenos (which are actually quite hot, in case you’re wondering).


These guys on the right drove in from Norco and Corona to enjoy an afternoon at Burger Boss

What really sets Burger Boss apart is their menu- think Five Guys customization meets Salted Pig‘s dedication to quality, all served in a clean, comfortable and friendly environment that Mo Val and eastern Riverside definitely needs! OK, who are we kidding, the day we went in there, we met a group of guys from Norco and Corona that had driven the 20 miles for an amazing meal at Burger Boss.

The commitment to environmentally friendly and healthy options was a welcome addition to a burger joint, which are all too commonly known for greasy fries and a disconcern for where the ingredients come from. For example, those who are not red meat fans can choose chicken or turkey burgers, while those who are not meat fans at all can opt for a black bean burger.


Burger Boss - Owner - MoBurger Boss – Owner – Mo

Oh, and did we mention the fries? They’re cooked in canola oil and were notably lacking in any greasiness found at other burger and fry joints. Best of all, you’ll have a laundry list of options to choose from to dip your fries in, with melted cheddar cheese being the most popular. “It’s popular in the mid-west” explained the owner. Apparently, it’s popular out here too.

When we compared Burger Boss to a high end version of Five Guys, the owner lit up about his thoughts on Five Guys: “it’s a step up from what someone might think of as a burger if all they go to is McDonald’s.” Burger Boss, he explained, is a notch above the rest. We agree

(Though the prices are higher than In ‘n’ Out, the quality is better. The prices are comparable to Five Guys.)

Who’s the Boss? Burger Boss

This review was originally posted on the Student Life at UCR blog:



Picture this, a mouth watering burger right at your finger tips. A splash of color from the lettuce, avocado, tomato , mushrooms, onions and olives. Fresh fries steaming as you dip them into your favorite sauce, and a caramel shake topped with fluffy, luscious whipped cream, drizzled with a light layer of more caramel. Jealous? I would be if I were you! Last week I was fortunate enough to be introduced to Burger Boss in Riverside by a close friend. He assured me that despite my vegetarian habits, I would be able to find something for me, and oh was he right!



Burger Boss can be compared to Chipotle in the sense that you get to “build your own burger”. With the freshest of ingredients and a large variety of choices, I was able to build an amazingly delicious burger with a black bean patty base, garlic-herb may sauce, smoked gouda, fresh lettuce, tomatoes, olives, grilled onions, and mushrooms. If that doesn’t get your stomach growling, than simply substitute the black bean patty for a 100% angus chuck, chicken breast fillet, or ground turkey breast!

As amazing as my burger was, I have to admit that the customer service was a good enough reason to keep me coming back for more! Being that it was my first visit to Burger Boss, the owner graced me with complimentary hummus to go with my fresh cut fries, and a sweet, creamy caramel shake for dessert!



He constantly made his rounds around the beautifully lit and colored diner to make sure that every customer was satisfied. By the look of the empty baskets and smiling faces, I’m positive that every single person was beyond satisfied with their meal.



What’s beautiful about Burger Boss is not only the fresh and natural ingredients, and the impeccable customer service, but more so the fact that it allows you to bring out your inner chef. With over thirteen sauces and seven types of cheese to choose from, each burger is as unique as the customer ordering it. And with a very modest price, you’re indulging your taste buds with a gourmet, customized, fresh, signature burger.